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Kahala Office Closed

As we settle into our post-COVID routine of needing less office space due to drastic shifts to telemedicine, we have now consolidated all in-person office visits to Honolulu except for select appointments with Dr. Ka'ahanui who is occasionally available at the Kaimuki satellite office. You should receive instructions for where to go for any in-person appointments. There are a few providers who like to meet in person for at least the first appointment before starting with telemedicine while others are comfortable initiating telemedicine from the beginning. The silver lining to having less office locations is that the vast majority of patients are able to maximize convenience with telemedicine appointments which are easy to initiate and still provide a good connection with the provider while requiring no parking, no travel time, and no possible exposure to illness. If you learned to use Zoom during the pandemic, it is easy to utilize telemedicine appointments. We hope that this ease of access will increase convenience and ability for our patients to receive care.

Telemedicine is the Post-COVID Preference

We just closed two offices in response to our post-2020 world. Many things changed during 2020 and one of the largest changes was that all insurances are now willing to cover telemedicine appointments. This opened up the option to everyone. Out of necessity, most people have learned to use teleconferencing software such as the ubiquitous Zoom as well. Most patients are now comfortable and free to pursue telemedicine if desired and have opted to do so. As tele-appointments save time and traffic woes, we have seen a massive shift to telemedicine. We now do the bulk of our appointments via telemedicine except for certain treatments that require in-person visits and a small percentage of patients who prefer to come in person. In response, we have recently closed our Kapolei and Kailua offices. We are still happy to provide in-person care if desired and certain treatments require it. Most providers are in the office at least twice a month. In summary, the closure of the two offices is a consolidation of space because so many appointments are happening online. We simply did not need as much office space post-pandemic. We are sorry that makes the drive longer for some of our patients and providers, but on the bright side, we are able to offer the option to not have to drive at all for most appointment types. Please feel free to ask about telemedicine if you prefer to skip the drive.

Tips for Getting Efficient Care During Holidays

As with all medical facilities, as we enter the holiday season, many of our providers will be taking personal holidays, and there are a few days where the clinic will be closed (Christmas, New Year's Day), or reduced (Christmas Eve, New Year's Eve). Additionally, our clinics remain impacted by COVID-19 precautions and the increase in telemedicine, thus reducing the hours when particular clinics are open. In order to reach us, you can review our hours on the Contact Page if you need to contact one of our receptionists for help. Please do set an appointment for any in-person activity, and as for the phone, please remember we do have the prescription refill request page to help you efficiently request refills without having to wait on the phone. We wish you a wonderful holiday season!

New Office Opens Soon in Kapolei

Advanced Psychiatric Therapeutics is happy to announce a new office in Kapolei.  We are glad to offer this convenience for patients on the west side. The location will be: Kalaeloa Professional Center 91-1010 Shangrila Street, Suite 203 Kapolei, Hawaii 96707 View the new location in Google Maps We look forward to serving our patients in this new clinic location!

Hawaii Public Radio Underwriters

As of May 2019, we are one of the businesses underwriting the programming on Hawaii Public Radio.  They have many well-produced, thoughtful programs we've enjoyed over the years as well as beautiful pieces of classical music.  It is a joy to listen and to encourage the production of this type of radio programming. We are proud to be part of the network that makes Hawaii Public Radio possible.

New Office in Kahala Opens Today

We are pleased to announce that a new location has opened in Kahala area to better serve the surrounding southeastern Oahu region. The address is in the Kahala Mall Office Tower, 4211 Waialae Avenue, Suite 203, Honolulu 96816. Services at this location will be provided by Dr. Fraser, Dr. Ka`ahanui, and Dr. Ahina, (information is accurate as of November 2018. Our providers occasionally opt to change locations, thus this may vary over time). The parking is plentiful at Kahala Mall. The office will look a bit sparse until we get all the details filled in over the first couple of weeks, but will soon have a similar comfortable style of interior design as the other two locations. We look forward to serving the communities of Hawaii Kai, Kaimuki, Kahala, and East Honolulu!

New Office in Honolulu

We are pleased to announce the opening of a second location. We now have an office in Honolulu. The new office is located in the Finance Factors Center, suite 1611. Depending on which doctor is responsible for your care, appointments will start at the new location on March 2, 2016. The Kailua office will also continue to operate.

Welcoming two new doctors to the APT Ohana

We are happy to announce that Dr. Fred Duennebier and Dr. Dean Fraser will be joining our clinic in late August/ early September.  Both completed their residency at University of Hawaii John A. Burns School of Medicine and will be adding to the wide array of services we can provide to our patients.  Particularly, Dr. Duennebier will be able to provide care for patients as young as 5 years old, while Dr. Fraser will bring his expertise to our adult population. We are excited to have them join our team. We know they will provide excellent care to our patients!

Dr. Jeremy Roberts on PBS “INSIGHTS”

In October of 2013, Dr. Roberts was a guest on INSIGHTS, an in-depth news program on Hawaii Public Television.  He was invited to serve as an expert on inpatient mental health, adding a doctor's insight into the crisis of mental health service shortages for the severly ill in Hawaii. He joined three other panelists in a discussion to shed light on some of the issues we face particularly on Oahu with limited resources, and some of the obstacles faced by mental health providers in the struggle to provide care to the most acute patients. Official PBS Description: "Budget cuts during Hawaii's economic downturn have taken a toll on government support services for the mentally ill. Hospitals, public safety and social service agencies have jumped in to fill the gap in behavioral health services, but are these public and private efforts enough? On the next INSIGHTS, we ask, "What is the state of mental health care in Hawaii?" Malia Mattoch hosts a panel with scheduled guests: Jerry Coffee, Clinical Director, Institute for Human Services; Mark Fridovich, Administrator, Adult Mental Health Division, Hawaii Department of Health; Marya Grambs, Executive Director, Mental Health America of Hawaii; and Dr. Jeremy Roberts, Psychiatrist, Kahi Mohala Behavioral Health."

Site update

Welcome to Advanced Psychiatric Therapeutics new web site. We have now updated the site to be mobile-friendly.  We hope that this will be an improved experience for everyone viewing the site on their cell phones.