These are actual comments given to us by patients who have completed TMS (Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation) treatments with us.

“I was treated with TMS due to severe treatment resistant depression and PTSD [Post Traumatic Stress Disorder] with suicidality. The treatment went quite well until I had a sleep stressor that set me back immensely. Dr Roberts prescribed an aditional [sic] treatment that brought me back to a normal, happy even mood with zero suicidality. I am so grateful for this very effective treatment and the gifted doctor and staff. Thank you!”

“I was diagnosed with major depressive disorder when I was 8 years old. I battled it all through my teenage years and eventually required ECT [electroconvulsive therapy] after every medication I was prescribed failed to alleviate my depression. After ECT I managed to go for 17 years without any severe bouts with depression, but that changed 3 months ago. Without any warning or any external triggering event, I fell into the deepest and most sever [sic] depression I’d ever felt and became extremely suicidal. My counselor told me about 2 treatment options: TMS and ECT. I chose TMS because I could get the treatment without having to take time off of work. Dr. Roberts explained the pros and cons to me. If it were not for Dr. Roberts and this treatment, I am almost certain I have succumbed to my suicidal thoughts and urges. I regained something I thought impossible for me: hope.” – B.MK.

“When I first heard about TMS, I wasn’t sure if it will work for me. I have been struggling with depression for almost for almost 20 years. I tried many medications but none of them seems to help. The past couple years were really depress [sic] and extremely suicidal. I don’t see a purpose in life. However, I really couldn’t kill myself. Life was miserable. I requested TMS and thankful [sic] my insurance covered it. This changed my life. I got a new life. A life that is not depress [sic]¬† and suicidal. I look forward to the new season and new journey. The staff in the office are so friendly, understanding, and encouraging. Thank you.”

“I came all the way from New Zealand for the treatment and there is no regrets at all” – R.S.

“My days are brighter after receiving treatment with Dr. Roberts and Dr. Fraser. The knowledge and compassion each Dr. has is amazing. There is hope, when at times, other Doctors could not help me in my deepest depression.”

Their experience and desire to treat patients had a profound affect on me and the quality of my life. Also, introducing the latest technology with TMS and being assertive advocated for me to receive and benefit from this new exploration in medicine that has impacted my life tremendously, If where you are now is not better, you are in the wrong place. The best medicine is when Doctors know there’s a more meaningful way to enjoy your life and then hand it to you and live it!

Live in Joy,

Laura B.”

“I feel like a new person after 36 sessions of TMS. I am very grateful to Dr. Roberts and his friendly staff. I would recommend TMS to people who are struggling from severe depression. I have not benefitted from medications.”

“I’ve never felt fo cared for while undergoing a very important treatment (TMS) for some very disturbing healt issues (tinnitus and depression).” – D.R.

“APT helped me through a tremendously difficult period of my life. Their staff and Dr. Roberts treated me with the kindness and patience of supportive family members. They are very knowledgeable about their TMS therapy and the most current breakthroughs in treatment for depression. I was impressed with their professionalism and courtesy which they displayed no matter how busy it was. I’m truly glad I was referred to APT. Special thank you to their TMS operator Jackie who is a fantastic person.” -M.S.

“When I first began researching TMS. many of my friends were sceptical [sic]¬†about it. I prayed for the TMS treatment, and thank God I did because it has changed my life! I used to have panic attacks and nightmares nearly every day and night, and in the last few weeks of treatments I have not had any. I recommend this treatment to anyone who is struggling with depression, anxiety, and panic attacks or nightmares.” – J.S.

“The treatment was a great benefit for me. I am so happy I agreed to trust Dr. Jeremy Roberts’ suggestion for this treatment. I felt like I was at the bottom of any hope to go on with my life. Treatment helped to ease my weight of the world I put on my self.” – T. W.

“The professional care I received from Dr. Roberts and Jackie helped me greatly. I am very grateful for their knowledge & caring.” – C.L.

“Cara was sincere, personal, professional. Treatment was personal, friendly, professional and every effort was made to make the experience as comfortable as possible. All staff is friendly, smiling, and always helpful. All staff seemed genuinely happy to see you and answer any questions you may have.”

“Excellent Care + Quality Staff!”

“A very warm and friendly atmosphere”

“Dr. Roberts and his support staff are are outstanding. If you struggle with Depression and have tried meds that didn’t work – Please try TMS. It could make huge changes in your happiness.”

“TMS treatment was very effective in treating my depression. My energy level, motivation, and overall level of mood has been greatly improved. I am sleeping significantly better as well. I am more optimistic regarding my quality of life for the future.” – M.G.

“Everyone genuinely wanted to help you. They try everything that they can to try to help you.”

“TMS helped me more from being severely depressed to being mildly depressed. My anxiety was almost completely eliminated.”

“Grateful for getting the option to do TMS. Staff was very friendly and accommodating and always on time with treatments. Dr. Roberts is very empathetic and caring.”