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Advanced Psychiatric Therapeutics (APT) was founded by Dr. Jeremy Roberts in 2011 when he noted that several relatively commonplace treatments used on the mainland had very limited access (if any) in Hawaii.  Everyone benefits from a widening of treatment options, thus he set up his clinic with the goal of bringing the cutting-edge of psychiatric care to Oahu.  As the clinic has grown, it continues to provide up-to-date care for adults, and has expanded to include child & adolescent psychiatry as well.  It has grown from a solo practice to a practice of many healthcare providers who share the goal of providing excellent care to all our patients.

The treatment that initially prompted the opening of the clinic was Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation.  Dr. Roberts was the first provider of civilian care to bring TMS to Hawaii in 2011.  As medical director, Dr. Roberts continues to incorporate the newest technologies into his practice and regularly incorporates adjustments recommended by the newest research.  As of 2020, he has updated his TMS practice to provide Theta Burst Stimulation.  It is the goal of the clinic to keep up to date with the ever-changing field of psychiatry so that our patients receive the best care possible.  

APT was also able to seamlessly adapt to the necessities of COVID-19 because most of our providers already had telemedicine in place before the pandemic.  APT’s online practice has continued to increase as patients become accustomed to the convenience and efficacy of online appointments.

Although the practice started in Kailua in 2011, it has since relocated to serve the island of Oahu with the most convenience possible.  Now, the clinic is based in accessible Downtown Honolulu, located in the Finance Factors Center on Bishop Street.  With the exception of TMS and Esketamine treatments (which require visits to our Honolulu location), the vast majority of appointments can be facilitated online via Zoom.