Driving on Oahu, especially with road closures and construction can be really inconvenient, especially if you are coming from the North Shore to seek treatment.  We have been offering telepsych sessions since 2018.  With a modest amount of tech savvy, you can install zoom on your phone or computer and hold your appointment from the convenience of home or office.  And since the pandemic, most of us already have participated in many Zoom meetings, so this platform will be familiar to many of our patients.  You need a good wi-fi connection and also either a smartphone, a desktop, or laptop computer with a webcam and a microphone (which are often sold as one inexpensive gadget).  It is a very minor cost if you don’t already have a webcam/microphone.

Before your appointment, an email will arrive that contains a link you can click.  When it is time for your appointment, you simply click the email link and log in to your Zoom account from wherever you are.  We provide instructions to help you be ready for the first appointment.  Especially with our Honolulu traffic and the continued COVID-19 health cautions in place, the vast majority of our patients now use this service and enjoy the convenience.  It prevents losing the chance to seek care due to travel, quarantine mandates, or other new restrictions we are all facing since 2020.  This is a good way to seek care, overcoming certain circumstances that could normally prevent you from attending an appointment.