Telemedicine is the Post-COVID Preference

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Telemedicine is the Post-COVID Preference

We just closed two offices in response to our post-2020 world. Many things changed during 2020 and one of the largest changes was that all insurances are now willing to cover telemedicine appointments. This opened up the option to everyone. Out of necessity, most people have learned to use teleconferencing software such as the ubiquitous Zoom as well. Most patients are now comfortable and free to pursue telemedicine if desired and have opted to do so. As tele-appointments save time and traffic woes, we have seen a massive shift to telemedicine. We now do the bulk of our appointments via telemedicine except for certain treatments that require in-person visits and a small percentage of patients who prefer to come in person. In response, we have recently closed our Kapolei and Kailua offices.

We are still happy to provide in-person care if desired and certain treatments require it. Most providers are in the office at least twice a month.

In summary, the closure of the two offices is a consolidation of space because so many appointments are happening online. We simply did not need as much office space post-pandemic. We are sorry that makes the drive longer for some of our patients and providers, but on the bright side, we are able to offer the option to not have to drive at all for most appointment types. Please feel free to ask about telemedicine if you prefer to skip the drive.